Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

LBL Class - 2003-2004  

Life-Between-Lives hypnosis is both an extension and evolution beyond Past Life Regression. This is because the techniques of LBL therapy allow access to our soul memories in a higher state of consciousness we call the superconscious mind. The key for the application and success of LBL therapy is the length of the session (which typically lasts 3 – 4 hours) and depth of the trance state (which must exceed that of a normal hypnosis regression). This LBL procedure, also called Spiritual Regression, permits subjects to connect with their soul-self. Thus, clients are able to bridge their physical incarnations and connect with a more permanent immortal life in the spirit world.

Once connected to one's 'eternal self', a client is able to see his or her entire evolutionary karmic growth pattern over a vast amount of earth time in many bodies, while mentally residing in the 'world between lives' that is our true home. One then learns why those bodies were chosen; the 'fit' between the experiences encountered in past and present lives; and the lessons they bring. The LBL client, when in a state of superconsciousness, is able to transcend identification with physical incarnations to access a deeper, eternal nature that actively records the lessons of those lives as part of an evolutionary growth of soul-consciousness. Past and present human lives are seen as but alter-egos of an eternal identity. In this state of heightened perception and understanding clients are then able to find their own answers to age-old questions such as: "Who am I?" "Why am I here?" "Where do I come from?"

One of the most profound spiritual experiences available to individuals who undergo LBL regression is direct contact with personal teachers known as spirit guides. These wise beings have been assigned to us since our creation and directly connect with clients during their sessions in such a meaningful way that the encounter becomes "therapeutic". Later, this knowledge in a conscious state promotes a transcendental awareness of having a personal relationship with a higher power.

Receiving the Peggy Newton Award

The findings reported by Dr. Michael Newton, developer of LBL therapy and author of Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, represent some 7,000 LBL cases spanning a period of over 30 years. Dr. Newton's clients, and those seen by LBL therapists trained in his methods, report remarkable consistency regardless of the client's religion, philosophical orientation, or nationality. Through years of clinical observation it has been noted that a single LBL session promotes enduring positive changes to their clients' life and understanding of purpose.

A Journey Into Life Between Lives

Ever wonder what happens when you die? I found out the hard way when my wife and I were struck by lightning and had near death experiences in 1998. (For the full story see NDE on our website at Since then I discovered a much easier way to explore what happens after death and that is through Life Between Life Regression. This unique and powerful work was developed by Dr. Michael Newton through over 25 years of regression research. His two best selling books, Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls detail incredible this work and are well worth reading.

Although I had done thousands of past life regressions in my work as a hypnotherapist, it was not until shortly after my near death experience that I began searching for a way to take people to that very special place between lives. After reading Dr, Newton’s second book, “Destiny of Souls” I had the opportunity to meet and train with him in Virginia Beach and learned to do Life Between Life Regression therapy. After assisting with two of these trainings I am now able to train others in this most wonderful therapy.

Imagine being taken back to the end of your most recent past life and hovering above the death scene. As an objective observer I view my body, say my farewells and then feel drawn away from the scene. Pulled higher and higher I move faster and faster towards a light. This light seems to reach out towards me. It embraces me, wraps me in a welcoming blanket of reassurance and comfort. A beautiful garden like scene develops. It is a sort of Roman Greco affair with columns. My mind is saying “now wait a minute, this is too Hollywood, and the understanding comes that I am experiencing this welcoming back to the spiritual world in a way that will be comfortable for me and that it can really appear however I want it to appear.

Before I know it I am being guided to a place of healing. Here I am led into an area where concentric circles of light are directed over and through me. Much like sound waves these circles of light heal me of the “density” I have brought with me from my life on earth. I stay here for some time and don’t really want to move on. In time I feel rejuvenated and know it is time to go.

The next stop in my journey is before the Elders or Council of Light Beings. As I approach I am feeling guilty and apologetic about not having lived my life well enough. The message comes loud and clear “There is no place for guilt here.” and “You have done well.”

I am greeted by five light beings wearing energetic robes of light. They emanate the most beautiful bluish white light and I am overwhelmed with total and unconditional love. Tears flow now as my life is reviewed and my progress as a soul is discussed. All of this is done in a most loving and accepting way. My life patterns and soul lessons are shown to me and I am taught about judgment, separation, and the interconnection of all beings. I am also able to ask questions about my life’s purpose and some of my experiences and lessons. This will all help me live my current life in a much more conscious and meaningful way.

From the council chambers I am taken to a wonderful gathering place where I can sense the presence of those souls with whom I have deep and lasting connections. They seem to line up in rows waiting to greet me. There is an indescribable sense of being welcomed back from a long, long journey away. It is a joyous reunion of souls.

One by one they come forward and talk to me about our previous lifetimes together. We discuss promises, contracts and agreements we have made in this life and past lives and all of the different relationships we have agreed to experience with each other. What a different perspective this gives me about some of my relationships!

From the reunion of soul I am directed to a large building that is a kind of a library. This is an amazing place where the “books” are alive and interactive. One has access to the wisdom of the universe here. There are many souls who have come to this place to learn and study. Rather than reading the information, I am able to experience it on a soul level.

I know there are more places to visit but I am drawn to a place where I am being prepared to come back to earth. There is a process I go through of selecting the gender and type of body that seems appropriate for my soul lessons in my next life. I am even able to see brief images of some of the experiences I may have in my coming new life. Based on what I need to learn and what I will experience with the new body, I choose the one that seems best suited.

It becomes clear that although much more has taken place in my time in the spirit world I am to begin my return journey. It is time to come back into the present time, back into my present body, bringing with me all of the wisdom and love I have just experienced.

As I come back to my normal waking state I realize my life between life regression has been going for over three hours! We review my session and many of the highlights. I can’t believe how much I have experienced in this incredible journey. I feel exhausted and exhilarated. With tapes of my session in hand I leave still half here and half there in the spiritual realm. My life will never be the same. What a journey it has been!

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